Chilli Oil

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This chilli oil packs a punch. The mild chilli flavour builds to a spicy kick on your palate. If this oil isn’t spicy enough for you, simply add afresh chilli or two to the oil in the bottle.

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Saturnia, Espirit, Barrel, Heart Passion, Star, Adam, Eve, Ambience, Heart Decanter, Capri, Ball, Football Shoe, Shamrock, Bounty, Football Stand, Elysee, Pharmacy, Recycleable, Tripple Carre, Fire Tree, Santa, Santa Boot, Scatola, Gingerbread Man, Colt, F1 Car, Motorbike, Globe, 3 D Tree, Sailboat, Skull, Guitar, Lady Shoe, Diamond, Ducale, Arrogance, Quadra Onda, Guilia, Fred and Ginger, Flask, Truck, Upright Barrel

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15ml, 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 250ml, 350ml, 500ml, 1000ml