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Pink Gin

Whether you’re a gin expert trying new flavours, or a fruity tipple is more your kind of thing, there’s no denying that pink gin is rapidly gaining popularity.

Use it to create a Vesper, the real cocktail of 007, mix together GinVodka and Lillet Blonde (or vermouth), shake over ice, strain and serve with a slice of lemon peel.

IL Gusto Pink Gin is incredibly easy to drink on its own or to set the occasion serve in a large wine glass, filled with ice and garnished with fresh strawberries.

IL Gusto Pink Gin is the vibrant new gin offering a delicious, easy to drink and fun gin.

Pink gin is an exclusive gift that can be personalised. Useful for birthday gifts, wedding gifts, thank you gifts, leaving gifts, Christmas gifts ...

Alcohol content: 39% vol.

Country of origin: France

Storage instruction: Cool dry place

Tasting notes: The nose of this flavoured gin is dominated by complex fruity and floral aromas. The taste is very smooth with distinctive flavours of juniper berries in the foreground surrounded by spicy flavours of liquorice, caraway and fennel.


What is pink gin?

The Il Gusto’s Pink gin is a real treat for your taste buds. Blended by mixing the best gin with premium angostura bitters.

This sweet and delightful gin will bring a smile to your face.

Benefits of Gin:

Gin is made from juniper berries, which some refer to as "super berries."

From containing flavonoids which improve blood circulation to helping stop water retention, these are the health benefits drinking gin in moderation can have.

How to make perfect cocktail using Pink gin?

Pink Refresher

35ml Il Gusto Pink Gin

25ml raw pomegranate juice

20ml honey syrup

15ml fresh lime

Topped with sparkling water



Add Il Gusto Pink Gin, pomegranate juice, honey syrup and fresh lime to shaker.

Shake and strain into a high ball.

Add ice and top with sparking water. 


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